Corporate Best Practices to help your Small Business Soar!

About the Doc...

Dr. Robert A. Donato, D.B.A.


         I am Dr. Rob, a business professional and professor, who after more than twenty years of successfully managing businesses in service-related industries, began a new journey and found my “calling” as a professor! I learned that I love to share my knowledge and experiences with others. It is this desire to help small business owners, entrepreneurs, and managers who wish to increase their skill sets to achieve their goals, that spurred me to create Teach Me, Doc! Business Fundamentals Training. 

         I hold a Doctor of Business Administration degree with a concentration in International Business from Walden University, a Master of Business Administration degree from Florida International University; a Bachelor of Science in Business degree with a concentration in Hospitality Management from the University of Phoenix; and an Associate of Applied Science degree in Hotel/Motel Management from Nassau Community College. I am a licensed realtor in Florida and am a certified Six Sigma Black Belt Professional. I am fluent in Spanish, German, and am learning Italian.