Corporate Best Practices to help your Small Business Soar!

Frequently Asked Questions


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Q: For whom would these seminars and workshops be worthwhile?

A: Those who will benefit the most from either the workshop or the seminar are people who own or manage a small business but do not have a degree in business. Examples of small business owners include doctors, dentists, lawyers, realtors, retail shop managers and owners, and anyone who manages a team, an office, or sells a product or service to customers. 

Q: How long is the program or event?

A: Advertised group events like the Business Fundamentals Seminar and Business Plan Writing workshop are both 8 hours long. However, custom-designed events will vary in time based on the course/training objectives.

Q; How much does it cost?

A:  Prices vary. Pricing is listed on the Eventbrite ticketing page for advertised group events. Pricing for custom-designed events are quoted at the time of proposal. 

Q: Can I earn a certificate?

A: Each registered person who completes the full eight-hour seminar will receive a certificate of completion. Those who leave early will not receive a certificate.

Q: Are your programs academically accredited?

A: Our seminars and workshops are NOT academically accredited. Some organizations may recognize your participation in a program as professional development. Please verify recognition with your organization BEFORE you register for an event.

Q Where are the events held?

A: Events are held at various locations. Please visit our Events page for event dates and locations.

Q: Is there a dress code?

A:  There is no official dress code for the events, However, it is important to consider that you will be networking with other small business owners and managers and therefore, may want to dress in business or business casual attire.

Q: Do I need to bring supplies or equipment?

A: It is strongly recommended that you bring a laptop to the Business Plan Writing Intensive workshop. It is always useful for any event to bring a notepad, tablet, or other instruments with which to take notes.