Corporate Best Practices to help your Small Business Soar!

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Business Consulting

Commissioned Projects

We can work with your organization to create a program to meet your needs; be it an on-site seminar or a one-on-one consulting project. Please contact us to schedule a needs assessment today.


Business Fundamentals Training

            The goal of any business is to maximize profit and succeed past the risky first year of operations. Success begins with the right mindset, a clear vision, and the application of proven business principles, which will help your business thrive!

            Running a sustainable and profitable business requires owners and managers to master the four tenets of business success: financial management, operations management, human resources management, and customer service management.  

            I teach successful strategies that corporate businesses use to improve customer service and client relationships, operational efficiency, and profitability.  I help small business owners apply these best practices to improve their operations. 

Business Plan Writing Intensive Workshop

Learn How to Write Your Own Business Plan!

         A business plan is needed to run a  successful operation, especially for those who wish to open a business, seek investors, or need to include a plan as part of an application (like for a business visa), or for businesses with expansion goals. 

          Most individuals or companies hired to write business plans charge between $2000 and $10,000 on average depending on clients’ needs. The business owner is minimally involved and therefore, may not understand how to utilize the information or may need to pay additional fees to amend the plan to meet future needs. For a fraction of the cost, I show owners how to complete each section of a standard plan and how to structure a plan that their business needs.